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Are you struggling to code or program for .NET. It’s not really that hard. There may be some challenges in transferring your knowledge from other frameworks or development languages, but once you get the hang of it, .NET is a breeze. Here are three .NET tutorials to help you get a head start on your Microsoft Web framework programming.

  1. Simple File Upload Control with ASP.NET and VB – In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to implement the FileUpload control so your files can be uploaded to a .VB version of your website.
  2. Send Email with Authentication using ASP.NET and C#.NET – This is a very basic and simple tutorial that will show you how to send an e-mail message with authentication using ASP.NET 2.0 and C#.NET.
  3. Creating A Master Page In Visual Studio 2010Creating a master page in Visual Studio 2010 is one of the most basic functions you’ll perform whenever you build a new website. Learn how to do it with this simple tutorial.

There are more great .NET tutorials to be found online. Don’t just settle on the basics. Get advanced .NET tutorials for free, and when you’re asked about your .NET programming skills, say you’ve been trained by the best of the best.


Step Into SQL Atoms

Ever wonder how you can learn SQL without giving up your arm, leg, and that extra pair of underwear you got last Christmas? Well, now you can take advantage of the great tutorials website SQL Atoms, a free resource where on-the-go developers can learn how to work with SQL the right way.

Just take a look at some of the great SQL tutorials available at SQL Atoms:

  • How to alter tables and modify columns in SQL Server
  • How to check for existing rows in a subquery in SQL Server
  • How to create a self-contained multi-valued subquery in SQL Server
  • How to outer join tables in SQL Server
  • How to use the INNER JOIN keyword in SQL Server
  • How to use WILD CARDS in SQL Server

And there’s a whole lot more besides!

If you’ve never worked with SQL Server, you’ll love SQL Atoms. You’ll get plenty of easy-to-follow tutorials for every level of SQL programming. If you haven’t learned your away around SQL by the time you finish these tutorials, then you won’t learn SQL at all. They’re easy, thorough, and available for free.

SQL Atoms is a site you can trust. It is safe, secure, and full of valuable SQL information.

If you are a serious Web programmer, then you are always on the lookout for great tutorial websites. A good tutorial site has a steady stream of unique content that teaches you very useful ways to accomplish specific tasks for the right tools. The following tutorials websites do that. You would do yourself well to bookmark these websites for future use.

  • AJAX Tutorials – There is perhaps no skill more useful in a Web 2.0 world than AJAX programming. This AJAX tutorials website covers the basics in easy-to-understand language and prepares you for real Web programming.
  • ASP.NET Tutorials – ASP.NET is the Web’s leading application framework. If you want to learn to program in a Windows environment, this is the most useful skill to develop. Work on your ASP.NET tutorials in the privacy of your own home.
  • Database Tutorials – If you can’t program databases and work within SQL, you will be lost as a developer. These DB tutorials rock.
  • .NET TutorialsDot Net Tutorials make programming super easy. And you get a buttload of them too. You could stay on this tutorials website all day and night.
  • Programming Help – When you need real programming help, turn to a tutorials website that is written by people who have been there and needed the same help. Experience counts.

Did You Get The Tutorials?

Online tutorials are the new community college. You can find virtually anything online to learn and study it in your own time. We programming even.

If you’re looking for a few good tutorials to sink your teeth into, then I’ve got a few websites for you to try. You can learn everything from HTML to ASP. And quite a bit in between. Depending on whether you want to learn about Linux programming or Windows programming, you could spend all day on these websites.

Try these tutorials sites and see where they get you.

  • AJAX Tutorials – When you want to learn as much as you can about AJAX, this tutorials site is a great site to dig into.
  • ASP.NET Tutorials – Learning ASP.NET was never so thorough.
  • CSS Atoms – Learn CSS the easy way.
  • JavaScript Atoms – Beginners and advanced users alike can find JavaScript tutorials that will take them to the next level.
  • DB Tutorials – Ready to learn about databases and working within the .NET framework? Then this website has everything you need.
  • Programming Help – When you’re looking for something a little more and a little deeper, something a little broader than just a single tutorial website, Programming Help has an abundance.

Take your Web programming to the next level. Dive into a tutorials website or two.

HTML is the most basic Web programming language. It isn’t the only language, but it’s the one on which the Web was built. In fact, there’s not a website online that doesn’t in some way rely on HTML for rendering content. They may contain elements of other languages. They may incorporate other languages or frameworks, but they always include HTML.

You can build a website on Ruby on Rails. It’s a great framework. But you’ll likely incorporate that into some HTML as well.

You can include PHP, CSS, JavaScript, and countless other web languages, but you likely will include some HTML along the way as well. Even if you don’t, it never hurts to know HTML as the most basic web language.

In that case, why not dive into an HTML tutorial and learn how to program a website the basic way.

If you are looking for rock solid tutorials for web designers and web developers, then try these tutorials at HTML Atoms. Dig in, take your time, and study the material. You’ll be a world class web designer in no time once you have a handle on the basics of web programming and the most basic web language of all – HTML.

How To Make Charts With ASP.NET

If you are just learning ASP.NET, then you might be wondering how best to create charts that make sense and that are useful to the end user. Well, there are tutorials online that can help you with your ASP.NET chart challenges. Here is a short list of ASP.NET tutorials you might find helpful.

  • Exploded Pie Charts in ASP.NET 4.0
  • Advanced Charts with Multiple Series’
  • ASP.NET Updating Chart Controls in Real Time
  • Creating 3D Charts in ASP.NET 4.0
  • Creating a basic Chart Control in ASP.NET 4.0
  • Creating a Line Graph in ASP.NET 3.5 C# with MS Chart

You’ll find these ASP.NET tutorials at Dot Net Tutorials, a website devoted to all kinds of Web tutorials.

Dot Net Tutorials also has many other tutorials that are worth taking. You’ll find tutorials on a wide variety of topics to include error handling, database programming, AJAX, Internet browsers, Visual Web Developer, user interface issues, website navigation, graphics, and whole lot more. All of them are just as useful and easy to follow as the ASP.NET tutorials on charts.

Here’s a sample tutorial on charts using ASP.NET:


1. Create The Chart and Setup The Datapoints

2. Add Button Controls to our form

3. Write the button Controls’ Code

And for the more detailed tutorial you can visit Dot Net Tutorials, where you’ll find plenty more Web tutorials on topics every Web developer should know.

2 Places To Get AJAX Tutorials

Free AJAX tutorials are not easy to come by. But I know two websites online where you can retrieve expert tutorials on AJAX and learn more than you’ll learn from a book you have to shell out $24.95 for. Here are two AJAX tutorials websites to visit often and learn one of the best online web languages in use today.

  • AJAXTutorials.com – I like this website. More than just a funky tutorial website, AJAXTutorials.com is a veritable resource of AJAX knowledge. There is a quick start guide to ASP.NET, a section for AJAX tutorials, a separate section for AJAX resources, AJAX Control Toolkit tutorials, and great tutorials on JavaScript. Go through this website and you’ll be an expert in AJAX in no time.
  • AJAX Atoms – At AJAX Atoms you’ll get expert tutorials on AJAX plus great resources. But there is also a downloads section where you can download awesome AJAX resources, and you can watch professional videos that demonstrate AJAX principles right before your eyes.

If you are looking for an expert resource on AJAX, then I recommend both of these professional and expert websites that deal almost exclusively in AJAX. They have the best resources and the best tutorials on the Net.

Where To Find SQL Tutorials

Where can a web developer go to find suitable SQL tutorials? I’m talking about quality tutorials that help the web developer improve his or her skills in SQL and employ those new skills in the building and developing of classy websites. I know of one place where you can go right now to dig deep into the area of SQL and take high quality tutorials on the subject.

SQL Atoms is a high class, high quality SQL tutorial website.

At this high quality tutorial website you’ll find articles on SQL, tutorials, and tips for working with SQL Server.

Microsoft SQL Server is an application that allows you to create desktop, enterprise, and web-based data systems. It’s easy to work with, fun, and highly intuitive. From SQL Server 2000 to SQL Server 7.0, you’ll learn all the ins and outs of working with this Microsoft product to create and manage databases for a variety of uses.

Beginners and advanced SQL database programmers are welcome to use the tutorials at SQL Atoms. The website makes SQL simple and easy to learn for everyone.

While not as comprehensive, an alternative to SQL Atoms is ProgrammingHelp, which offers tutorials on SQL among other programming and database technologies including SQL Server..

Is Web development difficult? It doesn’t need to be. It can be as easy as any other human endeavor. Today, I want to introduce you to three websites that make the Web easy for Web developers.

  1. The Web Made Easy – The first website is The Web Made Easy. This website is chock full of helpful tutorials for the up-and-coming Web developer. You can learn the finer art of Web design, get outstanding programming help, and get the best graphic design tutorials available. Check it out today!
  2. Programming Help – Another website that simplifies the Web is Programming Help. This website makes the Web easy in a number of ways. First, you get expert articles on programming from some of the Web’s finest programming professionals. But you also have access to other great programming resources and a forum. Join Programming Help right now.
  3. DB Tutorials – At dbtutorials you can learn everything you need to know about databases. The Web is made easy as database experts present simplified tutorials for beginners and advanced Web professionals alike. Sign up for one of the best developer newsletters online.

When you’re ready to delve into resources that make the Web easy, try one of these three websites written specifically for the working Web developer.

Graphic Design Tutorials

Graphic design is one of the most important skills that a programmer can have. Your livelihood is determined by how well you can design web pages, headers, logos, and other graphic marketing materials. So where do you go for great tutorials on graphic design?

The Web Made Easy provides awesome graphic design and web design tutorials.

At The Web Made Easy you’ll learn all about CSS, Photoshop, Visual Web Developer, designing with C#, and HTML 5.

As you grow as a programmer you’ll learn that there is as much you don’t know as there is that you do. And as the Web grows, the languages of the Web grow. HTML 5 is the latest iteration of HTML and within a couple of years the entire web will be designed using HTML 5. If you are not on the bandwagon by then, you will be left behind.

CSS is another language that works well with HTML to build dynamic and incredible web pages. As a graphic Web designer you should be familiar with both languages. HTML is great for designing the elements of a web page while CSS is a good tool for designing the features of web pages across your entire web domain.

If you’re serious about growing as a Web programmer, take a few graphic design tutorials and improve your design skills.