If you’re one of the people still not sold on cloud hosting, consider these 5 reasons that cloud hosting is better than shared hosting:

  1. No Hardware Dependence – No longer do you have to worry that you’ll run out of hard drive space, RAM, or processor power. If you do, you can add more in seconds.
  2. More Reliable – You can store all your data on back up machines so if one goes down, then you can keep working without any breaks or down time. This is a very powerful feature of cloud hosting.
  3. Unlimited Scalability – With cloud hosting, you have virtual servers. You can add, reduce, swap, or remove resources all day long without losing data.
  4. Much Better Performance – On shared hosting, if your site is hit by an overwhelming number of visitors at one time, you and all the other sites on the same server could experience an overload and go down. With cloud hosting, resources can be re-allocated so that this doesn’t become an issue.
  5. More Energy Efficient – Computer components often use the same amount of energy whether sitting idle or fully loaded. So if you have a fully loaded cloud machine that replaces two shared machines loaded at 50%, you’ll save energy. The cloud computers will show a better performance on a full load than your shared computers on half a load.