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If you are teetering on the brink of switching from your traditional host to a cloud host and you aren’t sure yet that you want to, consider the following three reasons why you may want to switch to cloud hosting.

  1. Cloud hosting is more secure – With cloud hosting, you have the flexibility to move your data around from one server to another without sacrificing security. In fact, this flexibility is itself a secure transaction. If you believe a server has been compromised, or runs the risk of being compromised, you can move your data to another server, test it, clean it, and move it back. You can do this freely without additional charge.
  2. More customization – Traditional hosts do not allow you to customize your server settings. But with cloud hosting, you can customize your server settings to meet your needs – current and future. You can change your server settings any time you desire.
  3. It is less costly per hosting unit – Cloud hosting is also less costly per unit since you only pay for the server space you use. If you are using 1,000 GB of space, then that’s what you pay for. You don’t pay for unused server space. Period.

Cloud hosting is here to stay. There are more benefits, but these rank right up there at the top.


Cloud hosting isn’t right for everyone. It is right for a lot of companies. But how do you know when it’s not right for your situation?

There are some questions you can ask yourself to determine whether or not cloud hosting solutions will increase your efficiency, improve your business processes, and affect your bottom line. Here are some ways of knowing that cloud hosting just isn’t going to cut it for you.

  • When you survey your data storage needs and discover that by moving to the cloud you would require more storage than you currently have a need for with your computing all on-site, then cloud hosting is not right for you.
  • If any portion of your current computing assets are free and by moving those assets to the cloud you will increase your expenditures on computing resources, then cloud hosting is not right for you.
  • If you can see no need for data storage, applications testing, or hosting of your current Web applications efficiently, then cloud hosting is not right for you.
  • If your security levels are so high that no cloud host will be able to meet them, then cloud hosting is not right for you.
  • If you’re afraid to try anything new, then cloud hosting is definitely not right for you.

Cloud hosting can make your business more efficient and save you some money. But if you conduct an honest feasibility study and find that there is no benefit, then don’t make the switch.