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If you are a serious Web programmer, then you are always on the lookout for great tutorial websites. A good tutorial site has a steady stream of unique content that teaches you very useful ways to accomplish specific tasks for the right tools. The following tutorials websites do that. You would do yourself well to bookmark these websites for future use.

  • AJAX Tutorials – There is perhaps no skill more useful in a Web 2.0 world than AJAX programming. This AJAX tutorials website covers the basics in easy-to-understand language and prepares you for real Web programming.
  • ASP.NET Tutorials – ASP.NET is the Web’s leading application framework. If you want to learn to program in a Windows environment, this is the most useful skill to develop. Work on your ASP.NET tutorials in the privacy of your own home.
  • Database Tutorials – If you can’t program databases and work within SQL, you will be lost as a developer. These DB tutorials rock.
  • .NET TutorialsDot Net Tutorials make programming super easy. And you get a buttload of them too. You could stay on this tutorials website all day and night.
  • Programming Help – When you need real programming help, turn to a tutorials website that is written by people who have been there and needed the same help. Experience counts.

Did You Get The Tutorials?

Online tutorials are the new community college. You can find virtually anything online to learn and study it in your own time. We programming even.

If you’re looking for a few good tutorials to sink your teeth into, then I’ve got a few websites for you to try. You can learn everything from HTML to ASP. And quite a bit in between. Depending on whether you want to learn about Linux programming or Windows programming, you could spend all day on these websites.

Try these tutorials sites and see where they get you.

  • AJAX Tutorials – When you want to learn as much as you can about AJAX, this tutorials site is a great site to dig into.
  • ASP.NET Tutorials – Learning ASP.NET was never so thorough.
  • CSS Atoms – Learn CSS the easy way.
  • JavaScript Atoms – Beginners and advanced users alike can find JavaScript tutorials that will take them to the next level.
  • DB Tutorials – Ready to learn about databases and working within the .NET framework? Then this website has everything you need.
  • Programming Help – When you’re looking for something a little more and a little deeper, something a little broader than just a single tutorial website, Programming Help has an abundance.

Take your Web programming to the next level. Dive into a tutorials website or two.

2 Places To Get AJAX Tutorials

Free AJAX tutorials are not easy to come by. But I know two websites online where you can retrieve expert tutorials on AJAX and learn more than you’ll learn from a book you have to shell out $24.95 for. Here are two AJAX tutorials websites to visit often and learn one of the best online web languages in use today.

  • AJAXTutorials.com – I like this website. More than just a funky tutorial website, AJAXTutorials.com is a veritable resource of AJAX knowledge. There is a quick start guide to ASP.NET, a section for AJAX tutorials, a separate section for AJAX resources, AJAX Control Toolkit tutorials, and great tutorials on JavaScript. Go through this website and you’ll be an expert in AJAX in no time.
  • AJAX Atoms – At AJAX Atoms you’ll get expert tutorials on AJAX plus great resources. But there is also a downloads section where you can download awesome AJAX resources, and you can watch professional videos that demonstrate AJAX principles right before your eyes.

If you are looking for an expert resource on AJAX, then I recommend both of these professional and expert websites that deal almost exclusively in AJAX. They have the best resources and the best tutorials on the Net.

Where do programmers go for great tutorials? It depends on the type of tutorial you are looking for. There are great tutorial websites centered around CSS help, ASP help, AJAX help, JavaScript help, HTML help, Photoshop help, and even general programming help. Here are 10 websites with great tutorials that run the full range of programming assistance and that provide help for beginners, advanced, and intermediate programmers alike.

  1. Help for ASP Programmers. Learn how to create charts, graphics, perform error handling, and other great information about ASP.NET for programmers just like you.
  2. Help for AJAX Programmers. Get AJAX tutorials, AJAX videos, and other AJAX resources right at your fingertips.
  3. Help for CSS Programmers. CSS tutorials from beginners to advanced programmers.
  4. Get HTML Help You don’t have to be a programmer. Learn HTML on your own with these tutorials.
  5. JavaScript Tutorials. JavaScript for beginners, intermediate, and advanced programmers.
  6. Learn Photoshop. Get free tutorials on Photoshop.
  7. Free SQL Tutorials. Get free SQL tutorials and articles here.
  8. Free Database Help. These database tutorials are designed to help the novice .NET programmer as well as the advanced coder.
  9. General Programming Help. Learn SQL, .NET, IIS, Visual Studio, AJAX, CSS, and a lot more.
  10. More General Programming Tutorials. More great tutorials on ASP.NET, AJAX, and information on Windows programming.

These 10 websites offer some of the best programming tutorials on the Web. Check ’em out.

3 ASP.NET AJAX Tutorials

When it comes to ASP.NET tutorials, no one is quite as thorough as Dot Net Tutorials. They have three AJAX tutorials for ASP.NET that I highly recommend, namely:

  • AJAX Confirm Button Extender
  • AJAX Control Toolkit Installation
  • AJAX Accordion Control Tutorial

Let’s take them one at a time.

AJAX Confirm Button Extender

This two-step process will teach you how to create and use an AJAX Confirm Button Extender in ASP.NET. The first step is to create a Web form and name it Default.aspx. After creating the Web form, you’ll create the code behind. It’s simple and Dot Net Tutorials keeps it simple.

AJAX Control Toolkit Installation

To create and use an AJAX Control Toolkit you’ll need to download a file for your version of Visual Web Developer. After that, it’s eight simple steps to creating the AJAX Control Toolkit and being able to use it.

AJAX Accordion Control Tutorial

Setting up and using an AJAX Accordion Control is a three-step process that begins with, again, creating a Web form and naming it Default.aspx. Then you need to make that Web form AJAX ready by creating a Script Manager for it. In the next step, you’ll create the Accordion Control. Finally, you’ll Style the Accordion Control.

Dot Net Tutorials is full of useful AJAX tutorials for ASP.NET that are easy to follow and designed to make your programming experience productive and insightful.

Why JQuery And What It Can Do

If you’re going to do any amount of coding for cloud applications then I highly recommend that you learn a little bit about JQuery.

For the uninitiated, JQuery is a cross-browser Javascript library. You first need to have a pretty good understanding of Javascript if you want to use JQuery, but once you get the hang of it then you’ll see how powerful it really is.

If you want to learn how to use JQuery in Open Visual Studio 2010 then I highly recommend a JQuery tutorial. You’ll first be directed to set up a ASP.NET website. You might as well do that anyway because JQuery works pretty well with the .NET programming language and with ASP.

Next, you’ll be directed to download the JQuery plugin and put it in the root folder of your website.

If you’ve ever looked at the code of a website and noticed a dollar sign symbol – like this: $ – then you’ve seen JQuery. Now, you just have to learn what it does and how to control it to do what you want it to do.

Let’s look at a couple of sample selectors:

  • $(“#container”) returns an array containing element which has id = container
  • $(“span”) returns an array containing all span elements.

Those are pretty simple selectors. You can take a complete JQuery tutorial at AJAXTutorials.com.

What Is AJAX?

Some people have argued that Web 2.0 is really about how webmasters employ AJAX. That’s one view. I wouldn’t say the only view, but it’s not far off.

So what is AJAX, exactly?

AJAX stands for Asynchronous JavaScript And XML. It’s a programming language designed to make Web applications work more like desktop applications. That would be useful, right?

Actually, it is quite useful. And this will likely become a greater necessity in the future as the Web continues to grow. Facebook, Twitter, and to some extent even Google, have driven demand for more Web applications. The proliferation of Web apps will not decline any time soon. It will only become greater. That makes AJAX a much more powerful language than it has been in the past.

Application development has emerged as one of the leading and most important aspects of Web design. The right Web app can make your website much more powerful and profitable, not to mention popular.

The rise of Cascading Style Sheets and Extensible HTML (XHTML) are also significant developments. But the point is, they are developments. And they are fairly recent developments. Web developers will have their work cut out for them in the near future as more people come online and interact with Web applications. Users will expect websites to load as fast as Web apps and that won’t happen without the use of AJAX. So I believe AJAX is going to become even more important than it is now.