Ever wonder why the biggest businesses on the Web are into cloud hosting? Have you even noticed?

It’s true. Google offers Google Docs and many other services that, if used, put you in the cloud. In fact, Google is one of the loudest vocalists to sing the praises of cloud hosting and cloud computing. It’s no wonder. Cloud hosting services benefit Google tremendously. The company built its business in the cloud.

Amazon is perhaps the largest company in the world offering cloud hosting services. Its servers are very well known for handling the most amount of traffic, huge bandwidth performance, and security concerns.

Facebook, too, operates in the cloud. However, it operates in the cloud in a different sort of way. By having its own data center with servers that can share the load of its massive operation, Facebook has become its own best computing asset. It’s a good model to follow if you plan to get big online.

These three companies – Google, Amazon, and Facebook – all use cloud hosting in vastly different ways. Google provides free cloud services to anyone, which allows it to draw in traffic for its core business. Amazon sells cloud services to those in need. And Facebook uses its own datacenter for personal business – it’s own interests.

Whatever your needs are in the cloud, cloud hosting can certainly meet them. Just set your plan in place and pursue it aggressively.