Cloud hosting isn’t going anywhere any time real soon. I believe it’s here to stay for some very simple reasons.

  • No. 1, there’s no other hosting solution that is as scalable as cloud hosting. If you need more bandwidth right now, today, then call your hosting company. It’s done. With traditional hosting, they won’t upgrade you until you’ve paid for the extra bandwidth, and then if you need to scale down again, it’s a nearly impossible task.
  • You also get redundancy. This is a huge benefit because your cloud host will save your data on multiple machines at once. If one machine goes down, then you won’t lose your data – not even for a nanosecond. It will still be accessible to other machines on the network and your operations are continuous.
  • By charging you based on the amount of computing assets you consume, you’ll get more cost efficiency. That means you won’t have loads of storage space going unused. Instead, you’ll be billed only for what you use, leading to less cost per storage unit.
  • Cloud hosting is in huge demand. Companies are realizing the benefits and are flocking to it in droves.

All of this spells a long road ahead of us where cloud hosting is concerned. It’s not going anywhere any time soon.