The long-running trend for Internet services is to outsource it. Whether the services are Internet marketing services, other freelance services, or cloud hosting services, when it becomes popular, you’ll find everyone coming out of the woodwork to sell the service then outsourcing it to the lowest bidder.

We won’t talk about whether this is an ethical practice or not. After all, business is business. I understand staring a business, attracting clients, then reaching your limit to how much of the client business you can service. You have to hire people to take up the extra load.

But what if the hosting company you hire bills itself as a cloud hosting company that can meet all your needs, then you find out that they are just a regular run-of-the-mill hosting company that outsources its cloud products? Would you feel gypped then?

This is the current state of cloud hosting. Traditional web hosts are starting to sell cloud hosting, but they’re outsourcing the cloud part.

Personally, I’d recommend that you look for a cloud host that actually provides the service. Otherwise, you’ll be paying more for the service than it’s actually worth. But more importantly, you’ll be using a cloud host provider that specializes in providing cloud services.