Both ASP and PHP are capable of producing dynamic websites, but which one is better? Which one should you use?

It’s difficult to recommend one over the other because it largely depends on preference. Understand that ASP is a Windows-based language while PHP is open source. What that means is PHP will offer you much more flexibility while ASP has a built in support base. Even then, PHP has a large support community, though it is largely volunteer.

ASP has another advantage that PHP doesn’t have. While ASP itself is a programming language, ASP.NET is a Web application framework based on the ASP language. If you use the application framework ASP.NET, then you have many more resources available to you including CMSs that are compatible to use with the framework and many WYSIWYG editors and programming helps.

PHP, being more flexible, is compatible with both the Windows and the Linux operating systems. ASP is generally more usable with the Windows operating system. So if you are on a Windows server, then you pretty much have a choice. If you are on a Linux server, your choice is much more limited.

You can use ASP.NET in a Linux environment, but it does require a little more finagling. Plus, PHP is free whereas Windows products typically come with a price tag.