When it comes to Web development in the cloud, there are 4 key areas that every programmer should be focused on. Those key areas all work together, but if you do not have a firm grasp of each key area on its own, then you will have a difficult time pulling together the component parts.

Here are the 4 key areas of cloud development and what you should do with them:

  1. Database – You’ll have to think about how you want your database tables to interact with the rest of your development resources. The database is the spinal cord of your development initiatives. If anything is jacked up here, there’s a good chance it will be jacked up elsewhere. Give a lot of thought to your database.
  2. Programming – Next is your programming code. Which programming language you use for a development project can mean tons of hours in up time or down time depending on a number of critical factors. Choose the wrong language and you could kill your project before it gets started.
  3. Software – Another critical aspect of any cloud development project is the software you will need. Make a list and ensure all your software needs are met before you start.
  4. Web Development – Finally, your Web development practices should be honed so that you can carry out your project to its end.

With these key areas of cloud development in check, you’ll be able to handle the most difficult projects in no time. Hone your programming skills with a few great tutorials.