Cloud hosting has become mainstream only because businesses and business managers have realized that there are multiple benefits to moving their computing systems to the Internet. And it has more to do with management than it does cost, however, in some cases it is cheaper.

Here are 7 reasons why cloud hosting has become the thing to do right now.

  1. Cuts down on overhead costs – No more huge computing systems onsite taking up massive space.
  2. Cheaper per hosting unit – If you shop right and price it right, cloud hosting can be cheaper by the unit.
  3. You pay only for what you use – Instead of paying for entire computer systems that you don’t use, you pay only for the space that you use.
  4. The cloud is secure – You won’t sacrifice security at all.
  5. Testing across multiple nodes is easier – When you host in the cloud, you can test across multiple nodes much easier.
  6. You don’t have to move all your systems to the cloud – You do get a choice. Not every piece of data you own has to be in the cloud.
  7. Data storage in the cloud means more space on your premises – Moving your data to storage offsite means you can use your space onsite for the important stuff.

Remember, it’s not always about cost. Sometimes, moving to the cloud is a practical concern.