Whenever you get into programming an application for the cloud, you should remember that it is being built for multiple eyes. There will be more eyes on the application than just yours.

How many eyes does it take? How many eyes do you need before the applications you build for and in the cloud get a vote of approval?

Here’s the point. If you are building an application that will sit in the cloud and be publicly accessible by the cloud, then there is no room for error. You’ve got to take as many precautionary measures as you possibly can to ensure that your application is quality, functional, and useful. That means, you’ll need to undergo extensive testing.

Testing is the most important aspect of application development in the cloud. You have to make sure that every aspect of your application works as promised before you roll it out publicly.

One set of eyes is not enough. When the stakes are high, one set of eyes is not enough. You should build your testing team the moment you start assembling your development team. And you should make sure the testers know exactly what aspects of your application they are testing. Without rock solid tests, no application will be ready for a thumbs up.