It’s easy to look at a growing trend and call it nothing more than a fad. In the case of cloud hosting, however, nothing could be further from the truth. A fad is a trend that comes and goes. It’s here today, gone tomorrow. On the other hand, a trend that continues to grow long after a typical incubation period is not a fad.

A trend that isn’t a fad is a concept that becomes a part of the everyday fabric of an industry. That is cloud hosting. Companies of all sizes are seeing the value of cloud hosting and adopting it even if on the smallest scale.

Cloud hosting is something you can embrace on a small scale. You don’t have to invest everything you have into it. Just one product or service delivered to you over the Internet is enough. If it increases your efficiency or makes your business more profitable, then it’s a good investment. And that’s what cloud hosting promises to every business that investigates it.

While you can be confident cloud hosting is not a fad, that doesn’t mean you should toss caution to the wind and replace all of your computing systems. Some applications are not made for the cloud. Do your homework and pick the solutions that will work for you.