Apps development has become a huge business. A few years ago, no one would have dreamed that stand alone web application development would be as big a business as it has become. But it has become a big business and that leads to another business development that cannot be dismissed: Cloud hosting for application development.

There are a few ways that cloud hosting thrives on apps development. First, there is development and testing. As you develop your apps, you’ll need a testing environment that is secure and that provides you with enough resources to keep your apps safe from the competition.

Another way that cloud hosting and apps development play together is in the usage department. Where will you host your apps as the end user is toying with them?

There are a lot of potential solutions to that last problem. A part of the solution has to do with the environment in which your apps are created. If you develop Ruby on Rails apps, for instance, you’ll have different needs than if your apps are built on PHP or JavaScript. So the programming environment is very important.

Another thing that is important is the purpose for your apps. Gaming apps have different needs than business development apps. They may be used at different times of the day, but they also require different resources. Your apps, for instance, might rely heavily on video graphics whereas business apps will more than likely need extensive use of forms and data.

Whatever the case, we have reached a point where cloud hosting and apps development have crossed paths. I believe this will only lead to further demand in both environments.