Windows Azure is Microsoft’s cloud solution. There are many benefits to using the Windows Azure solution, but here are six immediate benefits based on Windows Azure’s own characteristics.

  1. Wide Distribution – Instead of having just one big machine where all your data sits, your data is distributed over a large number of smaller machines. That’s really the essence of cloud computing.
  2. Scalability – In terms of performance, Windows Azure ensures your servers perform the same no matter how much data they are storing. Your chance of being Slashdotted is decreased tremendously to very slim.
  3. Replication – All data is replicated more than once. That equals greater performance, more scalability, and overall better service.
  4. Consistency – Writing code for Windows Azure is simple. When you update the projects you are working on, all future API calls will see those changes. Windows Azure updates immediately.
  5. Geodistribution – Imagine being in New Orleans when Hurricane Katrina wiped out the city. If you had your data on one server in that location, then it was lost. Geodistribution allows you to distribute your data geographically. Having more than one copy prevents natural disasters from killing your business, but it also allows you to store your code close to the teams that need it.
  6. Loads Of Storage – You pay only for what you use, and you can always be assured that you’ll have more than you need.

Windows Azure makes cloud hosting easier and more manageable.