If you are programming on a Windows-based server, you might be wondering what tools do you have at your disposal. Well, you actually have quite a few. Here are eight tools that you can use to be a better Windows-based programmer:

  1. ASP.NET – Seriously, ASP is the most dynamic Windows-based programming language, and .NET is Windows’ most ubiquitous application framework. Together, they make a great combination.
  2. Visual Basic – Much of what you’ll do in a Windows environment is based on Visual Basic. It’s a good language to learn.
  3. Windows Azure – Programming in the cloud? Windows Azure is Windows’ cloud platform.
  4. Visual Studio – An integrated development environment (IDE) with GUI controls that makes web development so much easier.
  5. Visual Web Developer – Another IDE from Microsoft that makes building websites on the ASP.NET framework easier and more fun.
  6. JScript – Similar to JavaScript, a powerful tool for helping programmers develop more powerful web server applications.
  7. AJAX AJAX stands for Asynchronous JavaScript and XML. It’s a package of technologies that allows programmers and web developers to build more dynamic, interactive web pages.
  8. C++ – A very popular programming language with a lot of flexibility.

These tools are very useful for Windows-based programming. You don’t have to learn them all, but if you want to be a Windows-based programmer, then you would do yourself and your clients a service by learning as many of these as possible.