ASP.NET has its proponents and its detractors. Some people like it. Some people don’t. But there are some valid reasons for using ASP.NET for building a website. Before you decide to use ASP.NET, or not to, consider these main talking points.

  • Your Unix Options – If you’re building your website on a Unix box, what are your options? HTML is not dynamic so if you use it, you’re stuck. Perl is difficult to learn. C and C++ are difficult to learn. VisualBasic is easier, but it’s not perfect. ASP.NET is your best option.
  • ASP.NET Is Free – You can’t compete with free.
  • Easy To Learn – ASP.NET is easy to learn. It is simple and doesn’t require a lot of complex code.
  • Database Connectivity – If you want to go dynamic, then you need database connectivity. ASP.NET provides it.
  • Dynamic Websites – If you want dynamic websites on a Unix server, the best choice is ASP.NET. It is secure and provides form support that is simple and so much easier than Perl.
  • Sell Your Inventory – Do you have inventory to sell? If so, then ASP.NET is your best choice for your Unix server. The support you get with ASP.NET makes it easy to build an e-commerce website with inventory.

You don’t have to abandon your Unix server. You can program your website using ASP.NET.