One of the most important functions of the cloud, whether you have data stored on a server at your own location, information stored at a remote location, or you have several websites hosted through your Web host, backing up your data is important. That’s data from all sources.

In this day, backing up data can be a hefty job itself. You have computers – your own plus all of your employees – on-location servers, remote servers, and cloud-hosted applications. Are you backing up any of them? Backing up all of them?

At least once a month you should go through and back up your data files. Many companies have a tiered back up schedule. They’ll back up all the files on the computers of one department one month and all the files on the computers of another department another month. And so on. Then, they may back up specific servers once every three months. By scheduling their back ups in this manner, they ensure that they get to all company assets throughout the year and perform all necessary back ups.

This is critical. Data back up is essential for security as well as your future. You don’t want to lose information. Therefore, keeping it safe is a necessary business function. The cloud is the perfect place to store your back ups.