When it comes to cloud computing, there are essential resources and resources that are optional. Here are 8 essential resources for hosting in the cloud.

  1. Server – Whether you own your own server or you are renting from a service provider, you can’t do business in the cloud without your own server or computer hardware.
  2. Operating System – Every cloud host needs an operating system. If you are a customer storing data in the cloud or a service provider, there needs to be an operating system.
  3. Software – What are you doing in the cloud if not hosting your essential software packages?
  4. Security – You can’t have a public or a private cloud without the proper security. This item is essential no matter what your role is.
  5. Applications – Everything in the cloud depends on how you deploy your apps.
  6. Bandwidth – Bandwidth is essential. Make sure you have plenty of it and that it is available when you need it.
  7. Management – Every server needs a manager. Whether you manage your own cloud or you hire someone to manage the cloud for you, management of your resources is every bit as necessary as having the resources themselves.
  8. A Budget – Try managing your cloud hosting without a budget.

When planning your cloud, don’t forget about these essential resources.