In the beginning of any new thing, there are always pioneers who stretch out ahead of the crowd and pave the paths. Not all of those paths end up being well traveled. Some don’t get much traffic at all by those who follow. Others end up getting traveled more often than they should. And still others end up forking into different paths. In the end, a path is forged that becomes the “best” path for all, or maybe multiple paths take on equal authority.

This sketch of a lifeline is certainly relevant to cloud hosting. We are now in the early stages of a new thing. There are pioneers who are paving new paths for the rest to follow. Some of those have forked into new paths. Some of the paths are being followed and some abandoned. But I think the best paths are still yet to be found.

Cloud hosting is a relatively new business practice. There is still a lot of discovery to take place. As the business world, and IT departments around the world, stake out their claims in the cloud, certain best practices will develop. In the long run, some of them will win out over others. It’s just a matter of time.

If you are starting your journey into cloud hosting, talk to someone who has walked a few of the forged paths. You don’t have to walk them all yourself. Discovery is often made through the experience of others.