Cloud hosting is really about one thing: Running your business from a remote location. It’s that simple. The problem is, a remote location can be almost anywhere. It can be in another country. It can be on the other side of town. But it rarely is in the same building. That wouldn’t be very remote.

So what is meant by “running your business?” In short, it means that all of your computing needs are met through a virtual network of computers, servers, and other applications.

You may or may not need a data center. You could get by with a virtual network or virtual private server.

It matters very little what your system looks like. It can store your data just the same. Your business requires certain software packages, different types of apps, and other cloud-based programs to run smoothly. With cloud hosting, you can have all of those items you need to run your business just as if they were right there under your nose. That’s the beauty of cloud hosting.

The world is going virtual. We’re moving to the cloud. One little business at a time.

It started with enterprise applications, but cloud hosting doesn’t necessarily have to apply only to those enterprise businesses. Your small business can benefit as well. Just keep in mind that a virtual business is as real as any real business.