As we move through time, closer and closer to infinity, there is a growing trend in business to move toward cloud-based computing systems and hosting in the cloud. There are some definite benefits to cloud hosting services, one of which is that businesses can pay only for the hosting they use rather than pay for hosting on a server that is partially not used. It’s a powerful way to host your Web applications, store data, and make use of your information.

While cloud-based computing has grown in popularity, it’s still relatively obscure. That is, it hasn’t caught on in a big way. It has caught on in a moderate way. So that causes me to ask the question: Could 2011 be the year of the cloud? Could it be the year we see a mass migration to cloud computing?

That’s a fairly good question. No one, of course, can predict the future. Maybe 2011 will be the year of mass migration to cloud hosting, or maybe that won’t happen until 2012. Or maybe later. But I suspect that 2011 will see considerable growth in cloud computing.

Why do I say that? Because it’s the trend. Each year since cloud hosting was introduced, there has been growth in the number of companies adopting it as a model for their business. I fully expect 2011 to continue that trend. How about you?