Graphic design is one of the most important skills that a programmer can have. Your livelihood is determined by how well you can design web pages, headers, logos, and other graphic marketing materials. So where do you go for great tutorials on graphic design?

The Web Made Easy provides awesome graphic design and web design tutorials.

At The Web Made Easy you’ll learn all about CSS, Photoshop, Visual Web Developer, designing with C#, and HTML 5.

As you grow as a programmer you’ll learn that there is as much you don’t know as there is that you do. And as the Web grows, the languages of the Web grow. HTML 5 is the latest iteration of HTML and within a couple of years the entire web will be designed using HTML 5. If you are not on the bandwagon by then, you will be left behind.

CSS is another language that works well with HTML to build dynamic and incredible web pages. As a graphic Web designer you should be familiar with both languages. HTML is great for designing the elements of a web page while CSS is a good tool for designing the features of web pages across your entire web domain.

If you’re serious about growing as a Web programmer, take a few graphic design tutorials and improve your design skills.