We’ve discuss Platform as a Service, Infrastructure as a Service, and Software as a Service. Now, we’ll discuss something called Recovery as a Service (RaaS).

RaaS is a service that allows mid-size companies the ability to test data backup and recovery solutions in a sandbox without having to spend thousands of dollars on datacenters and back up servers. In today’s IT climate, nothing is more important than safeguarding your data, keeping it backed up, and restoring it when necessary.

With a proper Recovery As A Service hosting plan, you can test new solutions in a sandbox, but you can also keep regular backups and recover your data easily with the right hosting account.

Anything can destroy your data. You can lose data to a disaster such as a tornado, hurricane, or other natural disaster. You can lose data due to a theft or hacking. You can lose data in a fire if your servers are all located in the same datacenter and your building burns down. What is your backup plan? Recovery As A Service can be your backup plan.

If you do not have a data backup plan right now, then you need to start thinking about it today. Consider a Recovery As A Service model to assist you with regular backups and data restoration testing.