If you do any work at all online, in terms of Web development or website design, then the most essential programming language to know is HTML. Hypertext Markup Language is the basic language of the World Wide Web. You may know more, but you can’t know less. It should be your starting point for Web programming. Where you go from there is your business.

So where do you go to learn HTML? There are a number of good resources online for learning HTML, but I recommend HTML Atoms.

There, you’ll find great HTML tutorials for beginners, intermediate web designers, and advanced programmers alike. You’ll even find some good tutorials, and a primer, on HTML5.

Beginning HTML programmers
can find a good selection of tutorials to help them get started, and the best part about these tutorials is that they are easy to follow. Anyone can learn HTML.

Intermediate programmers will find tutorials that take them beyond the basics and help them extend their knowledge into new but essential HTML territory.

Programmers who require more advanced training in HTML can get that at HTML Atoms too. For instance, you’ll learn how to create a paint app in HTML5, or working with HTML5 slider bars.

When you’re ready to train yourself in HTML and get easy-to-follow tutorials that help you be a better Web developer, try HTML Atoms.