If you have any doubt that you are already operating in the cloud, allow me to dispel your doubt. You ARE, in fact, operating in the cloud. Here are 5 evidences that prove you are working in the cloud right now.

  1. Twitter – If you have a Twitter account and you tweet to it on even a semi-regular basis, then you are operating in the cloud. Twitter is a cloud-based communications tool that allows you to send messages to a mass audience with just one click. It’s a powerful tool and, chances are, you’ve already discovered that.
  2. Flickr – Flickr is one of the most popular photo-sharing websites online. If you upload photos to Flickr and share them with your friends, then you are operating in the cloud.
  3. YouTube – YouTube is to videos as Flickr is to photos. If you use YouTube at all to upload videos or even view the videos uploaded by others, then you are using a cloud-based platform.
  4. Google Docs – It’s free and you can do all sorts of things with it. Create spreadsheets, use a word processing application, upload presentations … hey, it’s a virtual office. If you’re using Google Docs, then you are working in the cloud.
  5. Facebook – Some people use Facebook like a virtual office. You can have long conversations through Facebook, network, meet people, and share information. If you’re using Facebook for business, you are operating in the cloud.

No more excuses. You’re in the cloud. You might as well take it to the next level.