When it comes to ASP.NET tutorials, no one is quite as thorough as Dot Net Tutorials. They have three AJAX tutorials for ASP.NET that I highly recommend, namely:

  • AJAX Confirm Button Extender
  • AJAX Control Toolkit Installation
  • AJAX Accordion Control Tutorial

Let’s take them one at a time.

AJAX Confirm Button Extender

This two-step process will teach you how to create and use an AJAX Confirm Button Extender in ASP.NET. The first step is to create a Web form and name it Default.aspx. After creating the Web form, you’ll create the code behind. It’s simple and Dot Net Tutorials keeps it simple.

AJAX Control Toolkit Installation

To create and use an AJAX Control Toolkit you’ll need to download a file for your version of Visual Web Developer. After that, it’s eight simple steps to creating the AJAX Control Toolkit and being able to use it.

AJAX Accordion Control Tutorial

Setting up and using an AJAX Accordion Control is a three-step process that begins with, again, creating a Web form and naming it Default.aspx. Then you need to make that Web form AJAX ready by creating a Script Manager for it. In the next step, you’ll create the Accordion Control. Finally, you’ll Style the Accordion Control.

Dot Net Tutorials is full of useful AJAX tutorials for ASP.NET that are easy to follow and designed to make your programming experience productive and insightful.