One of the biggest benefits to having your business operating in the cloud is that you can run your business from anywhere. You can check your e-mail while on location, make your payroll while on vacation, and manage your inventory in between sales calls. There is no time in history that is more amenable than now for doing business without an office.

In a word, cloud computing makes that possible.

Not only can you run your business in the cloud from anywhere in the world, but you can run it from your cell phone or Blackberry. You don’t need expensive computer equipment, you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on software programs and hardware, and you don’t have to invest in malware or antivirus programs when you can protect yourself from a distance. Your cloud service provider will take care of the security element for you.

With cloud hosting, all you have to worry about is marketing and running your business. The cloud can host your applications, make them work together, secure your operations from theft and viruses, and provide all the tools you need to run an operation from front to finish.

This is the 21st century way of doing business. For once, it’s OK to have your head in the cloud.