Perhaps one of the most important aspects of doing business in the cloud for small businesses is that you can run your entire company in a virtual environment or a real-time physical environment off-location and appear as if you are an enterprise-level corporation. You can appear larger than you really are.

You must ask yourself this question if you are a small business owner considering a move to the cloud: Would the appearance of being a larger operation make a difference in my business?

If the answer to that question is “yes” then the obvious correct answer with regard to your move to cloud computing is, “What are you waiting for?” You can have the appearance of bigness the moment you move to the cloud and still continue your humble operation without a single break. That is, if your move goes smoothly and you do it right.

The first thing any small business should do when considering a move to cloud-based computing is plan for the move. Don’t just jump out there and do it. Plan it first.

You’ll need to plan when you’ll make the move, what kind of servers you’re going to use, how much of your business you intend to operate out of the cloud, and how you’ll integrate server security into your operations. Don’t make a single move until you have it all planned out and you have viable answers to the most important questions.