If you’re wondering just what benefit cloud computing has for your business, consider the following categories of cloud applications that you can currently get online and use – many of them for free.

  • Blogging – Systems like WordPress, TypePad, and Movable Type have been around for awhile and make publishing easier today than it’s ever been.
  • Audio Recording and Editing – Make podcasts? Have an idea for a radio show? Audio recording and editing can make your dreams come true and your life a lot easier.
  • Charting – There are plenty of charting and diagram creation tools online as well.
  • Documents – Spreadsheets, word processors, presentations – anything Microsoft Office can do the cloud can do better.
  • File Sharing – Create, store, share, and collaborate – all online.
  • Photo Editing – There are a ton of photo editing applications in the cloud and they’re every bit as good as Photoshop.
  • Social Media – Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn. It’s like your very own virtual office, in the cloud.
  • Web Conferencing – Yes, you can even hold meetings in the cloud.
  • Video Production – Video making tools online make video production easier, right down to the screen capture, video presentation, and editing. You can even record videos in the cloud.

Cloud apps are available everywhere. If you know what you want and where to look for it then you can find a free app to replace your paid versions any day. And many of the free cloud apps are compatible with your offline paid software tools.