You’ve done pretty well programming your session IDs, or cookies, to work on your servers and that your website users have a good experience while navigating your website. Will those same session IDs work on a cloud server?

The answer, of course, is ‘Yes’.

This introduction to working with session ID cookies in ASP .NET 2.0 is an essential read. While it doesn’t specifically address cloud hosting, it’s important to understand that the same cookies that work on a dedicated server can work in the cloud too.

In fact, a dedicated server is really just one step away from cloud hosting. Whether we are talking about virtualization or straight cloud hosting, owning your own dedicated server (or leasing one, for that matter) is a step up from shared hosting and a step down from operating entirely in a cloud-based environment.

Cloud hosting services allow you to do anything that you can do on a traditional server except that you have the added benefit of scalability, flexibility, and redundancy that you don’t get with traditional hosting. That includes programming session IDs into your website.

Session IDs are almost a necessity in today’s Web marketing environment, for both technical and marketing reasons. Cloud hosting allows you to take those benefits to the next level with little sacrifice.