When you’re ready to branch out and develop your own data center, how big should it be? Does it need to fill a warehouse or is just a couple of servers good enough? That’s a tough question and it depends on a lot of variables. Here are some things to consider when thinking about purchasing or starting a data center.

  • How many locations will it serve? Is your data center only going to serve one location or will multiple locations be using it?
  • What kind of data will it host? Will it consist mainly of internal documents, be a hosting station for Web apps, or will you sell space to other users? Narrow down just what kind of data you will need to host on your data center.
  • Will your data center be physically located on your site, co-located somewhere else, or leased from a manager? It’s important to define your location and management arrangements. This could drastically affect your financial situation, both long and short term.
  • What is your budget? Seriously, you can’t extend your means beyond your budget, can you?

There may be other considerations your company will have to explore as well. Your company’s unique computing needs are at the heart of your decision to purchase or lease a data center. Make sure you are doing your due diligence and exploring all your options. And don’t make any rash decisions you’ll regret later. It’s OK to take your time and explore every consideration before you settle on a data center arrangement.