Is enterprise computing in the cloud any different than cloud computing for small businesses? You may be asking a question similar to this. Whether you are a large corporation looking at possibly moving your computing resources to the cloud or a small business owner trying to make your operations more efficient and cost effective, cloud hosting has its benefits.

Many of the benefits of operating in the cloud are the same for small businesses and large enterprises. But the issue is really one of scale.

Small businesses might not need all the resources that a large corporation would need, but if operating in the cloud can save 10% on your computing costs and make your business an equal percentage more efficient then it will pay off. Your small business may need just a couple of servers as opposed to a whole data center, but a savings is a profit realization.

Enterprise computing requires more planning. For a small business to move its computing operations to the cloud may take a week, or less. But a large corporation with enterprise-level resources may spend six months or more planning and executing a move to a cloud hosting environment. By the same token, there may be a huge up front expense for the enterprise to make the move. Still, in the long run the savings is there.

Bottom line, enterprise computing and small business cloud hosting are not much different. The benefits are the same, but on a smaller scale for the small business.