You may be tempted to host your WordPress blog through one of the cheap shared hosting companies that exist on the Web, but I wouldn’t recommend it. Not if you are hosting your other websites in the cloud. There is no reason why you can’t host your blog on the same servers as the rest of your websites. But you should take a look at two software platforms that are essential for running your WordPress blog.

  • Apache – Apache HTTP Server is the name of an open source web server software that is easy to implement, flexible, scalable and plays well with other platforms and systems like WordPress. In fact, it’s so popular that most Web hosting companies, including the cheap shared hosting companies, use it. Apache is good for static web pages, dynamic web pages and web applications. Its flexibility and ability to play well with other essential software platforms makes it desirable for any number of computing environments.
  • PHP – PHP is another free open source software that is necessary for running a WordPress blog. Designed as a way to parse dynamic web pages as early as 1995, PHP has become the primary scripting language for much of WordPress, including plugins, add ons and premium themes and skins. You cannot really run a WordPress blog without PHP.

With these two open source software applications on your web server you can run your WordPress blog and make it compatible with your other websites. No need to sign up for a cheap web host if you’re already hosting in the cloud.