The beautiful thing about cloud hosting is its flexibility. If you have web applications that require specific hosting requirements then cloud hosting is your best option. The problem with shared hosting is that server configuration is often a one-size-fits-all model. That is, it works because everyone on the server gets the same configuration.

In fact, typical server configuration is done per server. You can’t get a customized configuration unless you pay for a dedicated server. But why do that if you need an entire server? Pay only for the server you need.

There are two aspects of web application that cloud hosting can solve. The first one is server configuration. The second one is server size, or server space. For instance, if you have a web application that requires more CPU or memory than a shared hosting provider can give you then you’ll either have to pay for a dedicated server or pay for cloud hosting. Cloud hosting can often be cheaper.

When it comes to application hosting, the best option many times is cloud hosting – and for more than one reason.