Like never before, small businesses can have the same power as an enterprise without the huge overhead costs and large maintenance fees. Your small business cloud can make your organization appear huge like a worldwide enterprise even though you may have fewer than 100 employees. Cloud hosting makes that possible.

Whether you need a virtual private cloud, hybrid cloud, colocation services or a managed dedicated server, your own business cloud can be the key to your growth and future earnings power. It all starts with a vision.

Cloud hosting is really about two things:

  • Leverage
  • Security

With the right cloud platform you can leverage all of your computing assets into an enterprise-level data center that meets every need you have today and tomorrow. You can scale up quickly when the need arises and if scaling down becomes necessary then you can do that at will as well. It all happens in the cloud.

If security is foremost on your mind, and it should be, then you can have the same level of security in the cloud as you do running your own hardware. The difference is, you don’t have to own the infrastructure. That cuts down on your ongoing maintenance costs.

Cloud hosting is just as beneficial for the small business as it is for the enterprise. And that can be proven.