Are you ready for cloud hosting? How do you know? Here are a few tips to help you know whether or not cloud hosting is right for your organization right now.

  • Do you experience frequent down times? If you experience frequent down times with your current hosting plan then you may have outgrown it. It is time to start looking for alternatives. Cloud hosting just may be in your future.
  • Are you getting hacked? No web host likes to admit their servers are hackable, but the truth is no server is 100% secure. Cloud hosting, however, does offer more security offensive measures than traditional hosting. It is not uncommon for shared hosts with a traditional hosting plan to get hacked and for websites to go down for a period as a result.
  • Do web host upgrades mess up your CMS or websites? Traditional web hosts will often upgrade their servers, PHP or other software, but that can cause problems with your CMS and other solutions and applications you use. Cloud hosting can defer those issues by shuffling your websites to servers that are compatible on a continuous basis.
  • Do you find yourself needing more web space and unable to get it? Cloud hosting gives you greater flexibility and the ability to scale up and down as necessary.
  • Is your transfer speed slowing you down. Traditional hosting has its limitations. Cloud hosting is more flexible and allows you to get the upgrades you need when you need them.

The bottom line is you may have outgrown your traditional hosting plan. If that is the case then consider cloud hosting and take advantage of its additional security features, flexibility and scalability.