Now that cloud hosting is beginning to catch the public eye, you might be wondering if it can be divvied out like traditional hosting. In other words, does it come in the form of shared hosting, dedicated hosting and with the various styles of hosting services for traditional website services?

The answer is, Yes.

Cloud hosting can be shared or dedicated just like traditional hosting. Some of the most popular cloud hosting services are offering shared hosting packages like traditional hosts. But I’d say that you’d get better service with a dedicated server just as you would with traditional hosting. However, dedicated always costs more.

Cloud hosting refers to the mode of delivery, not the type of hosting. In other words, shared hosting is still shared hosting whether in the cloud or not. Dedicated hosting is still dedicated hosting.

Even if you are opting for cloud hosting services, you’d do yourself well to shop around and get the best deal you can find. Don’t just go for the popular services because they are cheap.