You know about PaaS, SaaS, IaaS, solution stacks, public clouds, private clouds, hybrid clouds and a host of other cloud hosting solutions, but are you aware that cloud hosting is poised to improve drastically over the next ten years?

There are two criticisms leveled against cloud hosting that prevent a lot of businesses from getting on the bandwagon now. But I predict that many of those same businesses will get on the bandwagon in short time. That time will come when the criticisms against cloud hosting will be answered and alleviated due to technological advancements.

The first criticism is that cloud hosting is not cost effective. While you can save money on per unit costs, the overall cost of services still can often exceed the cost of traditional computing. I believe the economics of cloud hosting will soon change that.

It is historically true that wide adoption of new technologies drive costs down. We’ve seen it time and time again. I think we’ll see that again with cloud hosting services.

The second criticism against cloud hosting has to do with security. Some computing experts claim that security concerns are not well developed enough to switch from traditional computing. That may be true now. But in a couple of years I think cloud hosting security will be every bit as advanced as website security is now. Or more.

Once technology has advanced to a degree that alleviates these concerns, cloud hosting will grow and grow. You should be thinking about your own foray into cloud hosting now – before the wave hits.