Most hosting providers have what is called shared hosting. That’s where each hosting client shares a server with other hosting clients. While this type of hosting is often cheap, there are drawbacks. One of those drawbacks is security. If the server is compromised then every website on that server could be affected.

If another website on your server is infected with malware then it’s possible that yours will be too. That’s a big weakness.

Another weakness to shared hosting is bandwidth capacity. If another website on your server is hit with a huge traffic spike then it could slow down the load speed of your own website or take it offline completely.

Dedicated servers were meant to address those issues. If you have a dedicated server for your business then you have that server all to yourself. You don’t have to worry about security issues caused by your neighbor or be taken off line due to another website on the server experiencing a huge traffic spike. When you are operating in the cloud, this is very important. You are responsible for your own website and everyone is else is responsible for theirs.