Good ideas improve over time. Need some examples? Try these on for size:

  • Since Wilbur and Orville first took flight at Kitty Hawk, air flight technology has improved beyond measure. Mass commercial air flight is now a common every day occurrence.
  • Automobile drivers no longer need to crank up their vehicles before starting them.
  • Television now has thousands of channels.
  • Internet addresses now consist of easy-to-remember words rather than a string of random numbers.
  • Most people today do not wear togas (unless they want to).

There are plenty more examples of good things that have just got better. Cloud hosting is soon to be one of those things. Still in its infancy, cloud hosting is an idea that will get better. Who knows where this concept will end up. But I believe that cloud hosting will only get better and I believe that one day it will be so commonplace that businesses will wonder why they didn’t do it sooner.

Cloud hosting is an innovation that has come at the right time in history. It will only get better and when it does the world will be a better place.