Cloud hosting seems to have caught on in a trendy kind of way. But I’m not sure that everyone who is talking about it knows just what the benefits are. I just read about five pages on cloud hosting and cloud computing on a website devoted to the subject and got the impression that the writer of that website didn’t really understand the nuances of cloud hosting. He knew the terms and was vaguely familiar with the concepts and that’s about it.

There are some definite differences between cloud hosting and traditional computing. Cloud hosting does have distinctive benefits. I’ll discuss the primary benefit right now.

When you do all your own computing in house then you are responsible for maintenance and upkeep of your hardware and software. You don’t have that burden when hosting in the cloud. The whole idea of cloud hosting involves outsourcing your computing needs so that all of your IT needs are met over the Internet. Your cloud hosting provider must be able to deliver your services, platforms, infrastructure and application needs online.

The benefit to hosting in the cloud is you do away with the expense of maintaining your IT operations. You pay for the services that you need when you need them. Is it a good way to go about computing for your business? You bet it is.