There’s nothing really complicated about cloud hosting. It’s a concept whose time has time. It took everyone a little while to understand Web hosting the first few years of the Internet. Every new idea takes a little adjustment. Cloud hosting is no different.

If the term ‘cloud hosting’ is confusing to you then maybe an illustration will help you understand it better. Think of computers at different locations around the world as clouds. These clouds are connected by invisible threads (they’re not really invisible, but you can’t see them from where you’re sitting). Now imagine that you have your website hosted on Computer A in Los Angeles, your accounting databases on another computer in Tokyo, Japan and all of your company’s internal documents are hosted on another computer in a warehouse in Austin, Texas.

You have three different computers, but you own only one of them – your company computers in Austin. Your website is hosted on another computer called a server in Los Angeles. Your accounting department, however, is located in Tokyo and hosts all of your internal financial and accounting documents there. This is the basis of cloud hosting.

Essentially, it all boils down to using several computers in different locations and still having access to all of the data that you need to run your business because you can access those computers in remote locations through the Internet.