When it comes to cloud hosting there isn’t just one platform. Sure, Windows has a lot of credibility and history behind it. So does Linux.

While there are other up-and-comers in the cloud hosting competitive race, suffice it to say that these two leaders are your most prominent choices. Keep in mind the pros and cons. With Windows you’ll have proprietary systems and the monolith of Microsoft’s support mechanisms. On the other hand, you’ll pay for it.

Yes, it’s true. Linux is less expensive. In the short run and the long run. For one thing, it’s open source so you can lay your cloud hosting software right on top of your Linux OS platform and go right at it. The downside is you’d better be prepared to service it yourself, or be willing to hire someone who will do it for you. Pick the wrong administrator and the costs could be more than hosting on Windows. Pick the right administrator and you’ll save money (and headaches) considerably.

There are definite pros and cons to hosting your cloud on either Windows or Linux. Look at your needs and make your decision based on those needs.