If you look at the history of Web hosting you’ll see that it was open source software that allowed the large scale application of web hosting to the average business owner and Net citizen. Windows and other proprietary hosting solution providers have been developing software for decades – pre-WWW, in fact.

It was Linux that gave the small web developer that ability to build a server in his living room and subsequently to build a large and respectable web hosting company. Today, the largest and most efficient web hosting companies use Linux.

Ubuntu is to cloud hosting as Linux is to Web hosting. It’s the first open source Web solution to make cloud hosting accessible to small developers easily. You can actually build your own virtual server right in your living room. Why use a managed dedicated server or pay someone to manage your cloud for you? You can, but you don’t have to.

Of course, not everyone wants to manage their cloud. Some people are perfectly willing to let someone else do the managing as long as they can own their own virtual real estate. That’s what cloud hosting allows you to do, and Ubuntu is leading the way despite the proprietary solutions on the market. I think in just a few years we’ll see cloud hosting providers as accessible as current Web hosting is. It will likely be because Ubuntu makes it easy.